Pyemotes是什么意思 Pyemotes的读音、翻译、用法

Pyemotes是什么意思 Pyemotes的读音、翻译、用法



1. Pyemotes mites can cause severe itching and skin rash in humans.(Pyemotes螨可以导致人类严重的瘙痒和皮肤疹)

2. The presence of pyemotes mites can negatively affect the yield of wheat crops.(Pyemotes螨的存在会对小麦作物的产量产生负面影响)

3. Pyemotes mites are a major concern for poultry farmers.(Pyemotes螨是家禽养殖户的一大问题)

4. The itching caused by pyemotes mites can be alleviated with antihistamines.(使用抗组胺药物可以缓解Pyemotes螨引起的瘙痒)

5. Pyemotes mites are difficult to control with pesticides because of their location on plants.(由于生活在植物上, Pyemotes螨很难通过杀虫剂进行控制)

6. The prevalence of pyemotes mites varies depending on the region and season.(Pyemotes螨的普遍程度取决于地区和季节)

7. Pyemotes mites are known to feed on the larvae of other insects.(Pyemotes螨以其他昆虫的幼虫为食)

8. The best way to prevent a pyemotes mite infestation is to regularly inspect and treat plants.(预防Pyemotes螨侵扰的最好方法是定期检查和处理植物)

9. Pyemotes mites are a common problem in the agricultural industry.(Pyemotes螨是农业产业中常见的问题)

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