The Strokes是什么意思 The Strokes的读音、翻译、用法

The Strokes是什么意思 The Strokes的读音、翻译、用法

'The Strokes'这个词源于英语,意为“击打”或“打击”。


用法:The singer made some amazing strokes with his voice.(这位歌手用他的嗓音创造了一些惊人的手势)

以下是9个含有'The Strokes'的例句:

1. He started to learn how to play the guitar, so he practiced his strokes every day.(他开始学习弹吉他,所以每天练习他的弹奏手势。)

2. The artist's brush strokes were so delicate and intricate, showing his mastery of painting.(艺术家的画笔手势非常精致和复杂,表现了他的绘画技巧。)

3. The drummer's strokes on the cymbals were loud and powerful.(鼓手在铙钹上的打击声响亮而有力。)

4. I love the way this writer uses language, the strokes of his pen are elegant and precise.(我喜欢这位作家用语言的方式,他的笔触优雅而精准。)

5. The tennis player's strokes were so strong that his opponent had no chance to return the ball.(这位网球选手的击球力量很强,使得对手没有机会把球打回来。)

6. The conductor motioned with small strokes of his baton, signaling the musicians to begin.(指挥家以小小的笔触挥动指挥棒,示意音乐家开始。)

7. The pianist's fingers moved gracefully over the keys as he executed a series of difficult strokes.(钢琴家的手指在键盘上优美地运动着,他演奏了一系列困难的技巧。)

8. The swimmer's strokes were smooth and well-timed, allowing her to move quickly through the water.(这位游泳者的手势流畅而精准,使她能够快速地在水中游动。)

9. The calligrapher's strokes on the paper were so precise and beautiful that it was like watching a dance.(书法家在纸上的手势非常精准而美丽,仿佛观看一场舞蹈。)

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