microlymphoblast是什么意思 microlymphoblast的中文翻译、读音、例句

microlymphoblast是什么意思 microlymphoblast的中文翻译、读音、例句




例句:Lymph is made of white blood cells, proteins and fats. (淋巴由白细胞、蛋白质和脂肪组成。)





1. Belgorodskaya oblast governor, said the festival does not match with the Russian cultural tradition, there are also banned Halloween. (翻译:别尔哥罗德州州长称,这一节日与俄罗斯文化传统不符,同样被禁止的还有万圣节。)

2. In some cases, CTCL spreads to the blood, lymph nodes, or internal organs. (翻译:在一些病例中,CTCL可扩散至血液、淋巴结或内部器官。)

3. We identified a liquid submersion sensor in the Pre, visible through the micro USB port. (翻译:我们在Pre内发现了一个液体潜水传感器,通过micro USB接口可见。)

4. All of that is at the micro level. (翻译:所有那一切都是微观层面的。)

5. The sentinel lymph node(SLN)is defined as the lymph node(s) that first receives lymphatic drainage from the site of the primary tumor. (翻译:前哨淋巴结是指最先直接接受原发肿瘤淋巴引流的淋巴结。)

6. Anatomic and Histological Structure of Lymph Node of Myocastor coypus (翻译:海狸鼠淋巴结的解剖及组织形态结构的初步研究)

7. He was born on a collective farm in the Smolensk oblast that was later occupied by Nazis during the second world war. (翻译:他出生在斯摩棱斯克州的一个集体农场里,二次大战里该州被纳粹占领。)

8. Seen here in a hilar lymph node is a granuloma. (翻译:图示:肺门淋巴结处可见肉芽肿。)

9. No watermarking your Franklin. (翻译:没有富兰克林的水印 没有微印刷 No watermarking of Franklin, no micro)

10. Low-end devices, such as MakerBot, RepRap, eMaker, PP3DP, and the new micro3D printer, are pushing the low end barrier from $650 to $1,800. (翻译:低端设备,比如MakerBot, RepRap, eMaker, PP3DP, 以及最新的 micro3D printer价格都只要$650到$1800。)

11. Some of these are swollen lymph nodes that look a little larger than others. (翻译:这其中的一些是肿胀的淋巴结 看起来比其他的要大些。)

12. Now your micro expressions are telegraphing discomfort. (翻译:现在你的微表情正传送着不安 Now your micro expressions are telegraphing discomfort.)

13. Paraaortic lymph node micrometastasis in advanced gastric cancer and its significance in prognosis (翻译:进展期胃癌腹主动脉旁淋巴结微小转移与患者预后的关系)

14. Regional lymph nodes become swollen and eventually ulcerate. (翻译:局部淋巴结先是肿胀而最后发生溃疡。)

15. Some of these are swollen lymph nodes that look a little larger than others. (翻译:这其中的一些是肿胀的淋巴结 看起来比其他的要大些。)

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