medical artistic beauty是什么意思 medical artistic beauty的中文翻译、读音、例句

medical artistic beauty是什么意思 medical artistic beauty的中文翻译、读音、例句

medical artistic beauty通常被翻译为"医学技艺美"的意思,在日常中也代表"医学技艺美"的意思,读音为[medicalartisticbeauty],medical artistic beauty来源于英语,在《新英汉汉英词典》中,共找到15个与medical artistic beauty相关的例句。

Medical artistic beauty的词典翻译


例句:The gown, it suits your beauty. (it suits your beauty.)


medical artistic beauty一般作为名词使用,如在medical beauty(医学美)、medical body beauty(医学人体美)、medical environmental beauty(医学环境美)等常见短语中出现较多。

medical beauty医学美
medical body beauty医学人体美
medical environmental beauty医学环境美
medical rational beauty医学理性美
medical scientific beauty医学科学美
medical sensitive beauty医学感性美
medical technical beauty医学技术美
the beauty[网络] 美丽;雪纤瘦;美人
non artistic[网络] 非艺术


1. Mitch needs medical attention. (翻译:Mitch needs medical attention.)

2. That is a thing of beauty. (翻译:真是个美丽的东西 That is a thing of beauty.)

3. beauty,evolution,film,life,nature (翻译:beauty,evolution,film,life,nature)

4. beauty,design,prosthetics,sports,technology (翻译:beauty,design,prosthetics,sports,technology)

5. Hits prosts, artistic' religious in some kind of way. (翻译:对妓女下手 有艺术气质 很虔诚 Hits prosts, artistic, religious in some kind of way.)

6. She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene (翻译:She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene)

7. health care,medical research,medicine,science,technology (翻译:health care,medical research,medicine,science,technology)

8. The UKiyoe is the most profound artistic form in Japanese history, of which beauty painting plays a very important role and spreads far and wide. (翻译:浮世绘是日本历史上影响最为深远的一种艺术形式,而浮世绘里的美人画更是有着重要的作用,流传甚广。)

9. cognitive science,economics,medical research,science,technology (翻译:cognitive science,economics,medical research,science,technology)

10. ♪ Peas, peas, peas, peas... ♪ (翻译:先生,这是你的 Sir, this is your beauty)

11. arts,beauty,design,happiness (翻译:arts,beauty,design,happiness)

12. beauty,happiness,materials,science,technology (翻译:beauty,happiness,materials,science,technology)

13. Baum's interpretation is based on artistic and medical sleuthing which he has been carrying out for the past two decades. (翻译:鲍姆的解释基于他过去xx年来的艺术和医学的侦查。)

14. I'm gonna try to draw them away. I need to see you again at 3pm. (翻译:在医学研究大楼 At the Medical Research Building.)

15. What about beauty, Humphrey? (翻译:What about beauty, Humphrey?)

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